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Onoe Caponoe

“From the grey murky depths of a London floor Onoe Caponoe deconnects his brain from the physical to reach another planet through music. Funk Mafi Slump Bashy Drunk Smashy Crunk Mashy Skunk Trash Punk Flash Funkadelic West Coast Tripple Playaz Slayaz. Onoe Caponoe is a sperm from the funkadelic psychedelic funk mafi reproductive organ…Funk Mafi aka Drunk Smashy etc is a funkadelic group of astral plane surfing wordsmiths & producers who are for nothing but nothing.” - Written by Jim Willow.
“Judging by his appearance, Onoe, though British, is the bastard step-child of Sun Ra, George Clinton, Flavor Flav and TC Islam. Judging by the sound of his tracks, and the stunning free-dl album ‘Central Control’, it looks like LSD is starting to float round hip-hop’s bloodstream again for the first time since the mighty New Kingdom or Boogiemonsters. FREE SWIM.” – DJ Mag