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Audio Doughnuts & Ninja Tune Interview Dark Sky

After releasing some of the most memorably music of the past few years Dark Sky continue to remind us why they’re the London based trio at the forefront of new cutting edge dance music. We caught up with them ahead of their 3-way DJ set at Audio Doughnuts & Ninja Tune on 20/04. We speak with them about their progression, their first set at Trouble Vision and the guilty and non guilty pleasures.

Catch Dark Sky playing at the ‘Time Team’ album launch party presented by Audio Doughnuts & Ninja Tune with Slugabed, Lazer Sword, Falty DL, NADASTROM, Chrissy Murderbot, Illum Sphere, Onoe Caponoe, Benin City, My Panda Shall Fly and more on the 20th April 2012 at Crucifix Lane -

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