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DNAE Beats Interview

For the first on our list of interviews in 2010 we caught up with American beats-smith DNAE Beats, after curating hiphop for a number of years and working with some of the largest names in the scene, MF Doom to be one, his tasteful style has crossed over into various half-time Dubstep beats and a number of dancey hip hop orientated numbers. We caught up with him to see what he had coming in 2011 and beyond and to talk about the bass-heavy scene in the US.


To someone who had never heard your music before, how would you describe your sound? Where do you think the dubstepgrime scene is headed in the US?

Well I have a few different sounds, I’ve been in the hip hop scene in the early 2000′s. I produced for MF Grimm, Gift Of Gab, Blackalicious & many other artists. I think I’ve always had a grime type sound, and with my more dubstep style track’s I try to add a bit of bay area turf energy. The scene in the states is getting stronger by the hour, definitely not as big as the UK, but its on its way, its for sure the future.

Which artists or labels inspire you? Are there any other producers putting out tracks that you are particularly feeling? Especially anyone in the SF area doing progressive dubstepgrimehip hop?

I get inspired by so many different types of music, like a lot of early Adrian Sherwood, Sun Ra, Alice Coltrane… I could go on for days. As far as electronic music, the first time I heard Aphex Twin, Photek, Dillinja & Lemon D really inspired me. We have a great scene here in SF so its hard to stay, there is so much talent. Three artists that stand out and are making moves are: Lazer Sword. Eprom, & NastyNasty


When did you decide to start making dubstep and grime beats, and who (or what) was your inspiration to start making those kind of sounds? Was their a particular track, or release that really got you into producing dubgrime?

I’ve always made dubstep sounding beats, but never really had a name for it. It was more Timbaland-ish. Double time, bass heavy, bouncy beats. I’ve always had a liking to the sounds used in techno but the tempo was too fast for me. Thats what I love about dubstep.


Are you working on any projects for 2011 that you’d like to talk about?

I’m working on a slew of things, a follow up album on Seclusiasis, and a bunch of collaborations. I cant really talk about quite yet though.


…And finally are there any shout outs you’d like to give?

I’d like to give a shout out to anybody who gets that spine chill when you hear that bass hit your chest.


Short but sweet from the eclectic beats body DNAE, be sure to keep your ears and ears steadily peeled to his progress in the next year. Not to mention he’ll be flying over to play @ an Audio Doughnuts night in 2011!


Interview / Words by Leo Coleman (@leocoleman1)

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