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Download They Call Me Raptor’s debut EP ‘I’m Melting’

Debuting his sounds, “They Call Me Raptor” recently released his EP titled “I’m Melting” for free download. It is a mixture of “production styles from deconstructed and knackered slug-beats to contemporary slices of trap, hip-hop and grime.” The standout track here is ‘The Blur’ which samples Lapalux’s ‘Quick Kiss,’ slightly chopped and very successfully rapped over by TCMR. Just like the song, the video is a mess of original and stock footage swirling in synchronization to create a collage of sound and color. Check the video below and download the rest if you’re a fan.


Stream and download the complete release here.


  1. Where Do We Go
  2. Bubble N Peak
  3. Too Vicious
  4. I’m Melting
  5. Snob ‘R’ Us
  6. The Blur Ft. Laura Davie
  7. Cope With That
  8. Tell Em’
  9. Savile Row
  10. Involved
  11. Kiss Me, Kill Me

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