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Falty DL Interview

On Friday 20th April Falty DL headed down to London to play Audio Doughnuts & Ninja Tune presents ahead of his performance we caught up with him via means of tele-web-communication to ask him a few things. Clips of Falty’s performance will be available online soon..

Hello Mr.Lustman – Hows things? and How is everything in the Big Apple?

Things are nice.  Sun is shining and the weather is sweet.  Can not complain.

Growing up in New York must of been pretty inspiring – what would you say was your biggest influence that set the tone for you to make your own music, if any?

I did not grow up in New York, but close to it.  New Haven Connecticut.  New Haven is is a strange place.  on one hand it is an educational mecca. Yale university and amazing high schools and even pre schools.  Children are bred for intellectual boredom.  I fell off that path pretty early and did my own thing, which is limiting unfortunately.  A few jobs at restaurants and construction.  The tracks came out of that need to do something more then just take orders from people.  That was my first inspiration really.  Well i’ve been playing music since I was 5, but taking the FaltyDL project seriously came in 2003 or so.

You are known to encompass IDM, drum’n’bass, techno, house, garage, and dubstep without playing any one of them straight up. What do you listen to outside of the clubs? 

Everything.  I have never had a hard time remaining open minded.  Ill check some Fela Kuti then some tracks from some friends.  It’s all good, as long as it has some soul to it somewhere.

Favourite track of all time?

That’s not only impossible to answer but unfair!  Right now I listen to Theo Parrish’s remix of Jill Scott’s “Slowly Surely” about 4 times a day.

You have a strong line of releases pending from 2007 to the present – stretching from labels such as Unfun, Ramp, Planet Mu, Swamp 81, All city records not to mention the mighty Ninja Tune - What has been your favorite release personally and why?

Mean Streets Part 1 is very special because I sent those tracks to a few labels and when Loefah heard it, it was no question it needed a release.  It’s like a story of a fighter who finally gets a tittle shot. Although it’s a limited release so its like the amateur circuit haha.  I don’t know, my first LP “Love Is A Liability” will always be special.

What came first, DJ’ing or production?

production, it will come last as well.  i am 97% producer, 3% performer.

Any guilty pleasure’s – whats the strangest record in your collection?

Nothing is that strange really, hmmm…. I have a section of records I got on discogs for an embarrassingly large amount of money, but i don;t care.  thats my new shirt or my new shoes.  i’d rather get a limited Moodymann record from 1994 then get a new pair of kicks.

How do you go about being creative? What drives you to make the music you do?

It’s just that I can’t do anything else well enough to be happy.  I could have a 9-5 somewhere and just be miserable.  But why do that?  I’m so incredibly lucky.  I don’t forget that for a day.

As things go for touring, your mornings turn into nights and nights turn into mornings, what is on your breakfast menu?

Anything i can get my hands on.  Im never up for free breakfasts at hotels, or i check out before the kitchen even opens.  So food at airports become a hot commodity.  And it’s nice being in european airports, there is more selection then just Mcdonalds.

Whats next? where do you want to take Falty DL in the next 2 years?

Just release more records, more LP’s.  Every once in a while I think I should chill and do some different project, or someone says take your time and do some big profile remix or some stupid thing like that.  Then i remember what it is i am doing this for.  I love sharing music with people.  it’s amazing.  It’s better then sex.  Or on par with really amazing sex.

Are there any locations on your dream hit list that you would love to play?

Tel Aviv.  Need to get there soon.  Maybe Japan again this year?

Drew X

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