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Kozee Interview & Free Download

Described by some as the ‘leading lady in dubstep’, Kozee is certainly making waves with her music, in the world of dubstep and bass music. Currently based in San Fransisco, Kozee runs a staple night of the SF bass music scene ‘Makeout Sessions’ and has toured with the likes of MRK1 and Silkie across the UK and Europe. Her 2009 collaboration with DZ called ‘Crack’ is still a massively grimey dubstep banger, and with her fan base growing by the day we can expect an awful lot of bassy beats from our sister across the pond.


Out Now on ‘Slit Jockey Records’

Kaiser – Tasty Lazers (Kozee Remix) Slit Jockey OUT NOW! by Kozee

For those who haven’t heard your music or one of your sets, how would you describe your sound?

My music is varied in styles but I always try to keep it musical. My DJ set? It depends on all the factors, like who I’m DJing with, what time, where etc. But most times I like to keep the set running with a variety of UK funky, bassline, dubstep and bass music in general. If I’m DJing before, let’s say Flux Pavillion , then yeah I’ll definitely play a more dubstep based set. I love to get hype, have fun, dance around, throwing gun fingers and do a bit of grinding!


You’ve really got a varied background when it comes to music, how do you think your past in jungle and hip-hop influences you in the type of music you play out and produce today?


It’s a HUGE influence! I was raised on the blues and grew up discovering Jazz myself as a teen so pretty much all that factors into my music. I would say especially Jazz in what you might hear in my music. I think in terms of Hip-hop its really just my demeanour, I’m a b-girl at heart.


Where do you think bass music scene in San Fransisco is headed in the future? Are there any other artists you’d like to see play in SF area?


Bass music is running and has been for a minute, I’m very proud of what we have. Future? We’ll continue to think outside to box and move with forwards sounds. I would love to see more stateside tours.


Where do you see yourself headed in the coming years? Are there any labels you would see yourself releasing with, or any other artists you would like to work with?


More music being written, more travel (domestic and international) and more connections with like minded peeps. I’d love to work more with my stateside peoples. I definitely want to get with Sines, Thrills, and Tony Rocky Horror in 2011.


Are you involved in any upcoming projects in 2011 that you would like to talk about?


Right now the two main projects are a side production project with my homegirl Donna Dada from Calgary (Canada) called Clutches.And a couple of video projects.

And finally, would you like to give a shout out to anybody?

Yes! I wanna give a shout to my hero’s of 2010: Donna Dada, Tushara , Miss Brass, and Veronica Rukkuz.

Kozee has very kindly given us this lovely little piece of future bass for you to download, share and enjoy.

Kozee – Voltronika by Audio Doughnuts



Interview & Words by Leo Coleman (@leocoleman1)

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