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krampfhaft q&a
Krampfhaft Q&A – Delving into the beginning to now

Our night this coming Friday (22/06/12) has had us really celebrating forward thinking electronic music, we decided to take some time out of the office to catch up with the artists playing to gain a real perspective and insight into their sound and backgrounds including video interviews from Kidkanevil, Blue Daisy & XLII. Exclusive mixes from Kutmah, Om Unit, Shox, Starkey and free tracks from Kidkanevil & Starkey.

We were lucky enough to get hold of Krampfhaft for a chat about the start of his musical happenings all the way up until now. Krampfhaft stands as possibly one of the most exciting artist we’re following at the moment, pushing boundaries and fusing sounds from genre to genre. He will be playing the Tempo Clash arch this Friday, details here.

Tell us a bit more about yourself and how you got into making music?

I’m Joris van Grunsven AKA Krampfhaft. I live in Utrecht in The Netherlands and i produce electronic music of various kinds. I got into making music a long time ago. I started out playing guitar. From there i gradually moved to using a computer with some old midi software. At that time things like Rebirth and the first version of Fruityloops came out and i started using that to make Acid, Tehcno, Drum & Bass, whatever i was into at that moment. Creating music was something i was just always doing. Not even very seriously, that came later on.

At the very beginning, what were your main influences into making music?

I hard to name everything that had an impact on my music now. I took things from so many different styles and artists. I was really hooked on Drum & Bass in the 90′s. At that time it was such a crazy new sound. And everybody seemed to be so creative within this context. That was really inspiring to me. I was also heavily influenced by the Dutch underground Tekno scene. Stuff like Mononom and Esoteric. Really dark and fast tracks, almost tribal music. I made a lot of stuff like that too. It’s even on 12″ i you can find it and Aphex Twin had a big impact on me too. He just seemed to move in between everything else. Alway doing something different and with a very personal feeling to it. I think that thought me to not just copy others, but to search for your own style. Even if you work within a certain genre. And there are many more artists and band that have left a mark on my way of thinking about music. Too many to name..

What was the music scene like where you grew up?

Where i grew up there wasn’t really a music scene. People played in bands or made music at home. Later i did go to illegal warehouse parties, but they where mostly in other cities (i lived in a pretty small town at that time). I never really belonged to a music scene. It’s only since the last few years that i’ve felt i was part of a bigger group of people who are doing similar things. Before that i was just making music at home for my own enjoyment.

What has been the most memorable location of the best night you have ever played?

I’ve played in a lot of great places this past year. The Golden Pudel in Hamburg was really cool. And i played at Low End Theory in January. which was amazing. Don’t know if that was my best show ever, but but it was amazing to play there.

Can you remember your first gig?

I do! The first gig i did as Krampfhaft was at a local night with mostly bands. I had decorated the table with some lamps from my house. And i used a tablet instead of a controller, which people thought was really fascinating. I was only because i couldn’t find my mouse hahaha! But yeah that was fun. I think there is still video of that online somewhere.

Whats on your playlists at the moment? Who is standing out for you at the minute?

There is a lot of amazing stuff out there right now. Really feeling Jameszoo’s stuff. He’s a young guy from The Netherlands who’s doing some really crazy shit. Also Deft, hwo’s got an EP coming up on Rwina. The new Om Unit. And everything else if can’t think of right now haha!

Talk to us a little more about whats coming up for you in the latter half of 2012? Is there any projects you can talk about?

I’m now finishing up my next EP which is going to drop later this year on Rwina Records. That’s my main focus right now. And i will be playing out a lot this summer ofcourse.

When you’re on the road doing shows and touring, is there a specific plan or formula to your sets? Maybe even a plan for different cities and countries, or is it very much a case of playing whatever you feel to at the time?

It depends more on the night i’m playing, and who else is on the bill that night. I do play a lot of my own stuff so i don’t play radically different sets. I just leave out some of the really harsh bits on some nights, or leave out some of the really soft bits on others. Other then that i just see how it goes. If people want to hear Deephouse all night they shouldn’t book me. Although i might throw a little house in there every now and then. I basically do my own thing, which works out pretty well, most of the time.

Is there a remix or collaboration you’re itching to do?

I would love to do an official remix for Kate Bush. Or a collab. That would be even better. If that would ever happen i could die in piece.

Catch Krampfhaft playing this Friday at Audio Doughnuts, Civil Music & Tempo Clash @ Hidden as part of FOUND
Tickets & full info here:

Interview by Nicholas Petrou

COMING: We will be posting a full list of all interviews, mixes, free tracks and content taken from Friday’s show this Thursday all in one place on the website. For updates on this please head over to our Facebook page –

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