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Mensah Interview

So we’re back and our website is finally up and running again thanks to those at Creative Nerds. We caught up with Bristol future funk and bass connousier Mensah a while ago and have only just had the chance to put it up! We spoke about what he has forthcoming this year and also got a little bit more of an insight into his sound for those in which Mensah isn’t a familiar name. Enjoy!


Untitled Future Funk by MENSAH

For those who don’t know you, how would you describe your sound?

Bass heavy dance music for the most part. I feel I don’t have one sound in particular, but i usually always have big subs and big drums and most of the tracks I have released have been around 140bpm. I don’t like to give my music a name or genre as some tunes could fit into various or none


Are there any particular genres you like push or play out?

I guess i centre around what is now called dubstep. But as a producer & DJ I like to experiment/play out a whole heap, from drum & bass to garage, dubstep, funky and that kind of stuff really. I’m into House and try to incorporate  it when can but like the more modern non formulaic kind.


Where do you think your own music is headed in 2011? Is there anyone you would like to work with musically?

Building Vocal tracks is the aim. I have a fewcprojects in the pipeline so that looks promising. My next EP should hopefully showcase this. I have a lot of remix work for Labels like Mad Decent, Sinden’s ‘Grizzly’, Trouble & Bass and have a lot more to do in the next couple of weeks/months. I think there will be a lot of new sounds from me. I’ve been collaborating with Moombahton at around 109bpm & Von D among others plus I have even been making D&B that should surface soon


Which labels influenced you the most in 2010?

Without being to obvious I’d have to say Night Slugs, Swamp81 & H.E.N.C.H. I’m not just saying H.E.N.C.H. because i’m on there, but because it had a very diverse output in 2010 with myself, Eddie K & Chasing Shadows to name a few (all young new producers)


Do you think that 2011 will be a year in which young, mixed genre artists will start to emerge?

I think it’s already happening really, lots of producers making more than just one sound. I mean everybody has things they lean toward more but most of the producers I get tunes off have various styles.


And lastly, is there anyone you would like to shout out or mention?

Everyone who is supporting me and my music around the world. And looking in my inbox right now the new producers sending me the best music are: Minus, Superisk, Melé & Kahn. POW!


Forthcoming on Sinden’s newly born label ‘Grizzly’

Melé – Trappin’ (Mensah Remix) by MENSAH

We have to compliment Mr Mensah on his delightful manner, not only on his music which is undoubtably sort after but the Hench Records Bristolian Mensah is one of the nicest guys in the scene, something which is too often lacking in this industry. Big respect to Mensah, by the looks of things hes going to have a wicked year!


Interview / Words by Leo Coleman (@leocoleman1)

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