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Audio Doughnuts Podcast: 001 / Saulya & Radic

After months of deliberation our podcast series has finally launched. For the first ever in the series we’ve got new kids on the block Saulya & Radic who assembled a simply amazing 40 minute mix of heavy hitters from start to finish. Its not often that we’re left jaw-dropped after listening to mix and this is a definite addition to those jaw-droppers. We caught up with the lads for a quick chat on what’s coming from them and there involvement with For The Win. Be sure to keep a very very steady eye on this guys!


First of all, tell us a bit about yourselves.

Saulya: We are Saul Crombie & Eliot Humphreys, aka Saulya & Radic, two young producers from Nottingham.


Your joint EP ‘Dedication’ just came out on For The Win Records. Were you trying to push a particular sound with the release?

Radic: The tunes we picked were to show a few of our influences, like the more ravey soulful sound in Saulya’s ‘Name Her’, and ‘Syndicate dub’ which is a roots reggae vibe. ‘Yoshimitsu’ and ‘Bodysnatcha’ are more of a darker, heavier sound.


How long have you been producing/dj’ing for?

Saulya: I’ve been experimenting with music programs since i was about 11, but i only really got serious when i met Eliot and downloaded Reason when i was about 15. The same with dj’ing too, i’d fucked about on Traktor 3 LE and stuff for a while, then got introduced to decks by Eliot at about the same time.


Radic: I bought some decks when I was 14 and have been mixing vinyl for about 3 years. I started making beats when my mate gave me Fruityloops when I was 15 then I downloaded Reason a few months later.


How did you become involved with FTW?

Saulya: We’d been speaking to Goli (FTW co-bossmanabadman) for a while, and we just kept sending him beats for advice and stuff, then at about February last year, he said FTW was gonna give away a free EP of our tunes. Ever since then we’ve just been involved, and this is our debut release!


‘Yoshimitsu’ is a nasty nasty tune, what inspirations do you draw on when producing a beat?

Saulya: Most of our tunes start by accident, haha. Messing about with a synth until it sounds bless usually…


Radic: We start them on my laptop which we got nuff samples on from old reggae and jungle tunes which help us build them aswell. We’d make them most of the time when we’re jammin at my yard.


How would you describe your personal style when it comes to making tracks? Do you try and go for a different sound when you produce together?

Radic: The tracks we make together a lot of the time mix our influences together, and sometimes one of us will start a track and then get both of us to work on it, which can completely change it.


Saulya: Well when i’m making beats on my one, its just making sure its not really clogged with reverb and fx, but enough to give it a lot of width. And actually i guess it’s kinda like that when we produce together as well!


What first got you into making dubstep?

Saulya: I first heard it from Fabriclive.37, and whilst i really loved it i didn’t really search through the genre. Then a mate of ours, Epworth (known then as Shoka), did a mix called Bass & Soul and i was proper blown away. Ive always had a huge interest in rich melodies since i’ve been playing music since i was a lickle tiny ginger 5 year old, so to hear music with soul yet such bassweight was amazing, and since then i’ve been making dubstep.


Radic: I used to listen to stuff like jungle and grime, then one of my mates played one of the early Dubstep Allstars mixes. Then I was hooked, I started borrowing his CDs then after I bought my decks started spending all my pocket money on vinyl. So when I got Fruityloops I went straight into making dubstep beats.


Which artists are catching your attention at the moment?

Saulya: TOYC, another Nottingham producer, is making some serious beats right now. They’re on the housier side of things than most of our music but i still play his tunes all the time. Obviously Goli & Ashburner as well, they’ve been killing it since i’ve been into dubstep, and im glad they’ve got the attention they deserve. Also Subreachers, Bad Autopsy, Lurka… there are a lot to mention. 2011 should be a good year.


Where do you see the dubstep scene in Nottingham going in 2011? Are there any nights you would like to play at?

Saulya: I’m more than happy to play any night which brings a good crowd who are there for vibes. MIMM is also gonna explode this year.


Radic: Hopefully soon we can start our own night aswell. For now we’ll just see where 2011 takes us.


Are there any other labels you would like to release on, if you got the chance to?

Saulya: We’ve got a forthcoming EP coming on dBox, and i got some bits coming out on MIMM too.


Radic: We’re gonna start sending our tracks about more and see if we can get more releases lined up, we’d like to get a vinyl release too.


What have you got lined up for 2011?  Do you plan to stick to dubstep or have you got anything else up your sleeve for the fans?

Saulya: We’re both sticking to dubstep, but i’m also doin a few house-ier bits. Still at good old 140bpm though.


Finally, is there anyone you’d like to send a shout out to?

Radic: Out to all the Notts cru, my family and my bruddas and all the people who have helped us out.


Saulya: All of my FTW family, the wife, and everyone who’s pushed us forward.


Check out Saulya & Radic’s installment of the Audio Doughnuts podcast series here:


You can also download the podcast here:



Saulya – Broad Ways (dub)

TOYC – Slowdance (dub)

Timbah – Can’t Love Without You (dub)

Radic – Titanic (dub)

Subreachers – Meditation Mower (dub)

Saulya & Radic – Yoshimitsu (FTW)

Saulya – 2066 (dub)

Pressa – The Lost Tribe (dub)

Dub Mechanics – Talking To The Gods (dub)

Tri-funk – Untitled 653 (dub)

Saulya – Smoke Area (forthcoming dBox)

Helixir – Summertime (7even)

Saulya – Lullaby (forthcoming MIMM)

Silkie – Wonder (Deep Medi)

Radic – Rimshot (dub)

Saulya & Radic – Shook (dub)

Core – Slap Chop (dub)

Radic – Deffin (dub)

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