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R$N Presents: Space Dimension Controller & The Fox

Whether you waste tedious hours on music blogs, Facebook, or are familiar with The Ransom Note, you will probably have noticed that R&S Records’ Space Dimension Controller has a questionable penchant for anthropomorphic taxidermy. SDC posted this eBay listing, (of a stuffed fox, perching on a chair), saying; “if someone can be bothered to keep bidding on this, and win it. i will personally turn up to your house and play a live set and send you a signed copy of the album, with a picture of me and this fox totally vibin out.”

So, a handful of Facebook posts and £330 later, Mike Boorman, part time writer for R$N, found himself temporary legal guardian of a human shaped fox. Standing at the crossroads of life, torn between what may be best for the public, the fox’s future, and his own interests, he had to make a decision. Send the fox to Russia, invite the new couple to his house for a private party (my personal choice), or host an intimate London party we can all enjoy? He chose the latter. Thank you Mike.

Space Dimension Controller (live) and his rigid companion will be joined by Pete Gooding (Cafe Mambo) and Mike Boorman at Dance Tunnel, 95 Kingsland High Street, London E8. Even more excitingly, the event falls just short of a month before SDC’s highly anticipated release, Welcome to Microsektor-50 on March 4th. Citing influences such as 80’s electro, disco and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, expect no less than a journey through deep space, with lashings of disco and a sprinkle of fox. Stream his latest track below:

Final tickets available through R$N at £8 each.

The internet is a strange and beautiful place these days.

Words by Sylvia Witter

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