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Rude Kid Interview

For many of you Grime fans out there, the name Rude Kid needs no further explanation. His instrumental hit ‘Electric’ turned a lot of heads in 2009, and Rude Kid continued his career in 2010 with his ‘Are You Ready?’ album on ‘No hats No hoods. With the man himself saying he wants to do 6 completely fresh releases this year its shaping up to be a very influencial year in Rude Kid’s career. We caught up with him for a chat and this is how it went…





For those who don’t know your music, how would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as very unique; I always try to make music different to what other people are making. The reason I mainly do this is to show my own creativity and to make my music stand out from the others.


With more and more cross over between dubstep, grime and funky sounds, what do you think is in the future for UK bass music?

I think 2010 was a very good year for dubstep and grime. A lot of doors were opened and more people started paying attention to the music we make. I hope now in 2011 a grime tune will be allowed in the charts or a grime song will get a big record deal. Katy B and Magnetic Man smacked up the charts with the dubstep sounds already. To me funky house was big in 2009 but now has gone a bit silent, it’s still big in the raves, but it’s the same old tunes getting played nothing new. That’s how I see it.


You’ve been in the grime scene for a long time now, who have been the major players for you over the years? Are there any artist’s outside the grime scene you would like to work with?

Yeah. I’ve been part of the grime scene for like 3 years now properly. No hats no hoods helped me a lot in my career as they use to manage me so big up DJ Magic always, even though I’m not with them anymore I’m still going to work with them as a label. The only artists I want to work with now are singers and Dizzee rascal really, everyone else I want to work with I’ve worked with already I think, obviously there’s a few more people in the music scene who I need to work with but I’m going to try work with them this year, like this year I want to do so much work and experiment with different sounds and try new stuff, I like the challenge.


What do you see yourself doing in 2011? Are there any projects you are working on that you want to talk about?

This year I want to put out proper singles, like do videos have big press releases for them, good radio promotion, that’s one of the aims for 2011. I’m always going to still put out more instrumental releases and do another big instrumental CD, and towards the end of the year work on a vocal album, basically with all my music recorded with different artists. Last year (2010) I put out a release every 2 months, I might have to carry that on this year, who knows! I still haven’t decided, it depends on the work load I have.


How would you describe your own style of grime?

It’s hard to describe because I have so many styles, I hate making a beat sounding the same over and over again, but if you hear my music you will know. I have tunes like Jack Daniels, Electric, Raindrops, Peter Pan, Always ready, which are all different. If I didn’t put ‘Are You Ready’ before the drops of the tunes some people won’t even be able to know I made it, but I love experimenting with new styles this year I’m going to try a lot of new styles in music, everyone will hear soon.


What are your views on ‘mainstream’ grime artists? Do you think grime as a sound and genre should stay underground, or do you think grime is grime regardless of mainstream success?

Grime is music, if it goes in the mainstream then that’s very good, but I feel it shouldn’t just be left in the underground people are making some proper good grime music but were just not getting the chance to show it to a wider audience, I think that’s all going to change very soon. As for mainstream grime artists I don’t think there doing anything wrong to be honest, to me music is music no matter what you make as long as it sounds good.


Who are your top 3 grime producers of all time?

Best grime producers of all time, I would say Rapid, Wiley and Jammer.


And finally, do you have a top 3 selected MC’s?

That’s a hard question to answer but I will say, Skepta, Wiley & Ghetts in no order.





Interview / Words by Leo Coleman (@leocoleman1)

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