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Stream Legend4ry’s ‘Four Listening’ – A Farewell to Music

2 weeks ago, Legend4ry released a 16 track free download, ‘Four Listening’, as a farewell to an industry he wants to leave behind. Crying out against ‘lifeless, soulless music’, the first track (The City Speaks But No One Listens) speaks for itself: an insight into Legend4ry’s growing discontent with the scene and the direction it has taken, it’s hard to blame him for feeling like no one is listening. It isn’t so much the case that no one is listening, it’s that no one can hear.

“When I discovered music as a way to convey myself, I became addicted because when people talk about music its always different, so I make music because I hope that that one person will hear it and understand it the way I do, because I hate lifeless, souless music and at the moment I feel like I am shouting from the the tallest building and the only person who hears me is myself. Its like the city is speaking but no one is listening. But that is just a dream though and everyone needs one. I’ll keep writing music what I feel is deep and emotive and hopefully I can inspire someone to do the same because I believe everyone should write. Its the only thing as human beings we have which is free and natural.”
- Legend4ry

Stream and download Legend4ry’s farewell release via Soundcloud.

1. The City Speaks But No One Listens
2. Sleep Lightly ft. LisaDB (Soothe Edition)
3. Drugs Of Choice ft. Colin Mulcher
4. Dream (One Can)
5. Escapade
6. The Depths
7. Detrimental
8. Man Up!!
9. Clint Eastwood
10. Troubling Sounds

By Sylvia Witter

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