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“This is OUR blog.” – Well Rounded

I’m not one to usually post non-AD-related things on the site, in-fact I’m one to rarely write much on here at all – Usually its us promoting our releases, promoting the nights and festivals we do and the odd bit of external label music who we love. Most of this is due to the wonderful people who spend time writing & contributing to posts on our website Sylvia, Ian, Maya, Levi and the rest. Anyway, enough jargon – Here is a brilliant read from the guys over at Well Rounded Records – An absolutely superb label in terms of output. And a label who deserves all the love they can get.

So onto it anyway, we strongly recommend you spend a few minutes reading it, but then again, you don’t have to…

This is OUR blog –

This is the new Well Rounded blog. It’s a blog about music and you’re welcome to read it. But first we have to check that you’re wearing the right clothes. And you have the right style of hair. And you’re studying the right subject at university. And you’re of the correct nationality…

Why do we need to know such seemingly irrelevant details before we invite you in to our exclusive web-world? It’s because we’re COOL. Obviously. Check how cool we are.

Being into music is totally cool. Unless it’s shit music. Being into cool music is not only cool, it also puts you in a position of superiority over those who like shit music. Once you’ve established yourself in this superior position you can say anything you like about the people you’re better than. You can call them ‘geeks’ or ‘humanities students’ or ‘Americans’ or any other insults you can think of.

But the problem is, if you do that, or if you agree with almost any of the above, you’re a dick. Going around being aloof, patronising and judgemental makes you a dick. And if you do it in the name of music that you claim to ‘love’ and claim to be concerned about saving from murder by the wrong types of people, then you’re also a hypocrite. Styles of music rarely die. Dubstep isn’t ‘dead’, for instance. Since we opened our record shop in January we’ve noticed a healthy interest in dubstep, and we’ve been well impressed by more than a few brand-new releases of that genre. What happened with dubstep (as has happened with many other genres) was that a superficial version of it was invented by people more interested in the accoutrements of a cultural happening than in its core. This superficial version was blown up with hot air until it burst. But underneath, the real music never died. Things only appear that way if you pay more attention to the hype than to the music.

At WR, we love music. Everyone involved in our Vinyl Vendors operation, for example, has got serious previous in music. That doesn’t mean we were all executives at EMI or something. It means we’ve DJed, promoted gigs and club nights, played in bands, done radio shows (pirate and legit), emceed, written and produced, and worked in record shops, in various combinationsall our lives. We’ve scraped by on the dole or in shit jobs which we’ve jacked in to go on tour, we’ve slept on floors in rancid flats and venues, stood outside clubs at 5am handing out flyers which we’ve then found crumpled on the pavement ten feet away, played records to one bored barman for six hours. We’ve each at some point come to the realisation that by most rational standards what we are doing is insane, but we keep doing it.

The reason is that it’s a compulsion. The good times occasionally make all the struggle seem worth it, but not enough to justify the brick-wall-head-banging really. It’s because we are people with a strong attachment to music, instilled at an early age, which has stayed with us right through to today. It’s not logical.

There are others like us, certainly. Some have made great lives for themselves through their passion, others have allowed it to recede to the peripheries as they secure more stable means of existence. Others just find ways to make it fit. There’s nothing wrong with any of these. Making a living from the thing you love is the dream. But as we know, ‘success’ is rare, and pursuing music on your own terms usually defies all reason. And people end up with mouths to feed and all that. But the point is it’s about a fundamental love for music as an art form, as a unique method of expression, which means you can’t leave it alone. Whether you’re a professional DJ, or you just buy one single a week and listen to it every day when you get in from work.

It has absolutely nothing whatever to do with this ‘scene’ crap. This ‘certain types of people’ shit. This fashion accessory, celebrity rubbish.

We are not here to judge you. And the world of music should not be a place where people are superficially assessed and discarded. It might be fun to diss each other in raps and stuff, but the whole point of that is to take ownership of insults and turn them into art. Music is a mode of communication and we want to use it to reach out to anyone who feels passionately about it. And if you’re not passionate about it, by all means come along to the club/ gig/ festival anyway and make up the numbers. You’ll probably enjoy yourself. And if the DJ/ band/ whatever is on point, we think you’ll notice on some level.

You may or may not be familiar with our labels or our shop. If you’re in the mood, check our output and you’ll get some idea of where our tastes are rooted. But we won’t tell you our tastes should be your tastes too. And we won’t imply you’re not good enough to like our music, or that the music you like is shit just because we don’t happen to like it. If you’re passionate about your music, that’s great. It doesn’t have to be ‘cool’. In fact it’s probably better if it ain’t.


To Well Rounded, keep inspiring us, to the other labels, nights, promoters, agents, A&R’s, PR’s, managers & artists who continue to inspire us and many others. Don’t stop, keep progressing and keep moving forward. Music is music and will always remain that.

Love from all of us at the AD HQ x

Posted by Henry – Some guy at AD.

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