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Tuesday Born Singing In The Dark Artwork
Tuesday Born – Singing In The Dark EP (Out Now)

“Very beautiful inspiring stuff here” – Justin Martin 5/5

“ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! All four songs are stunning. Production and Music are on point.” – Justin Jay 5/5

“Fantastic Ep! thanks” – Maya Jane Coles 5/5

“Very nice, Wake is a beautiful song !!! Chartin” – Simbad 4/5

“Not something I’d play BUT I love this. On the ipod for sure, and any special mixes i get to do.” – Shadow Child 4/5

“Really enjoyed this” – Throwing Snow 5/5

“Waited for some great melodic bass music and here it is, definitely worth listening, very good” – Tensnake 4/5

Following his recent single ‘Sleep With Stars’ released on the 4th March, Gabriel Benn aka Tuesday Born has just released his much anticipated EP, Singing In The Dark. Including the second single ‘Wake’ which will be out on the 29th April / 6th May with Two Inch Punch & Pàle remixes.

The EP is his most personal, soulful release to date, fusing Ghanaian and Latin influence into his own breed of modern, percussive electronica. The ‘Singing in the Dark’ EP was written by Tuesday Born whilst residing away for months on end in Bogotá, Columbia and Ghana, Africa. Download ‘Singing In The Dark EP’ via iTunes / Juno / Boomkat & all other good online music outlets.

You can listen to the EP in its entirety below and watch the official video for ‘Sleep With Stars’ below that.

Listen to the EP:

Watch ‘Sleep With Stars’ official video:

Download the EP below…
iTunes -
Juno -
Boomkat -

The second single ‘Wake‘ featuring the vocal talents of Dnaë, will be out at the end of April/Start of May with the Two Inch Punch & Pàle remixes.

Stream the ‘Sleep With Stars’ remixes below – You can also purchase the Auntie Flo & Debian Blak remixes by clicking here..

“Twinkly night pop that makes for a blissful listen”Goodbait

“The muted rhythms and soothing electronics of the excellent ‘Sleep With Stars’ should serve as a great introduction to this newcomer”BlahBlahBlahScience

“I probably wouldn’t do it any justice in trying to put any real in depth description on it at the minute because for me, it is that good”Plenty Vibes

Released: 1st April 2013
Label: AD (Audio Doughnuts)
Cat: AD010
Distributed by: Cargo Records UK
Artist: Tuesday Born
Title: Singing In The Dark EP
Format: Digital
Photography: Chris Krilly

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