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Tuesday Born – ‘Singing In The Dark’ EP Stream

Following his recent single ‘Sleep With Stars’, Gabriel Benn aka Tuesday Born is setting free into the world his much anticipated EP, Singing In The Dark. The EP is his most personal, soulful release to date, fusing Ghanaian and Latin influence into his own breed of modern, percussive electronica.

The ‘Singing in the Dark’ EP was written by Tuesday Born composer Gabriel Benn when residing away for months on end in Bogotá, Columbia and Ghana, Africa.

 The EP is noticeably more downtempo and dreamy than Gabriel’s previous offering on AD, ‘Kwabena’ and his debut ‘Mockingbird’ EP released on his own digital imprint, The People’s Ear. From the stormy and heartfelt Drop The Clouds to the piano and vocal led Singing In The Dark, the EP sees Gabriel show off his signature sound, a sound which you could easily get lost in.

Released as a single on AD on 4th March 2013, the title track, Sleep With Stars sees Gabriel reveal his voice over layers of atmosphere and jazz based keys, meshed together by his recent latin influences. Watch the official video for ‘Sleep With Stars’ here. Wake featuring Dnae lets a female vocalist take centre stage on a 3 minute journey reminiscent of long, tired days and homesickness. Driven by percussion, vocal sampling and keys, the track brings a close to the EP, giving a true insight into Gabriel’s musical mind.

The EP is released via iTunes on 1st April, but until then, it is available to stream on Soundcloud.

Listen to the EP below:

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