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Tuesday Born’s debut single ‘Kwabena’ (Out Now)

The debut single ‘Kwabena / Minor Jam‘ by the latest signing to Audio Doughnuts, Tuesday Born, is out now!

Kwabena’ – the title is the traditional Akan name given to a male child born on Tuesday – is a textured sound collage. Intricate and disparate elements of melody, percussion and voice are finely woven together into a track whose languid groove is equally suited to the bedroom and the dancefloor. Gabriel’s own vocals, jazz piano and African-inspired percussion dominate the B-side, ‘Minor Jam’, as Tuesday Born seamlessly incorporates live instrumentation into the electronic soundscape. It’s a fun, soulful electronic single and a great way to round up our 2012 release schedule.

The feature video for ‘Kwabena’, which portrays a metaphorical journey through Ghana, comprises original footage edited by photographer Eddie Otchere. According to Gabriel, this audiovisual collaboration illustrates “not the downbeat environment that is so common to portrayals of less economically developed countries, but a vivid picture of energy”.

‘Kwabena / Minor Jam’ is out now digitally. Buy it at iTunes and Juno and watch the video below.

Tuesday Born plays at Hootenanny in Brixton on the 12th of January 2013. Keep up to date with all of Gabriel’s goings-on by following him on Facebook and Twitter.

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