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WSS 15.3.2013
Why So Serious? 15th March : Krankbrother interview & Real Nice mix

As the Upfront Project is back, joining the dots between some of the world’s most exciting artists, labels, & promoters, to deliver more colour to London’s vibrant music scene next Friday, March 15th, The Why So Serious team decided to catch up with the Kieran and Danny Clancy AKA the Krankbrother’s for a chat about their very exciting parties, their acquired taste in music, the club scene today and more.

The WSS team were also lucky enough to get an exclusive mix from Real Nice , a new exciting DJ & production duo who are making a big noise in House music at the moment. A bashful mix of soul, funk & groove to get you in the mood, You can catch Krankbrother & Real Nice this Friday at London’s Lightbox. For tickets and more information about the party, head over to the resident advisor page now!

You can also Win yourself 6 X free tickets to the party HERE

Check out the interview and mix below:



WSS : Hi Kieran & Danny, where are you guys from and when did you first start doing events?

KB : We’re from just North of London. We’ve been throwing parties forever but Krankbrother started in 2009.

WSS : You have thrown a lot of parties. Many of them have been wild to say the least, in your opinions what has been the craziest party of your career so far?

KB : Our craziest was our street party in June last year. It was pretty spectacular to close down a street and party right out in the open like that – and all totally legally too!

WSS : How many parties have you guys thrown and what has the progression been like?

KB : No idea how many parties – a lot! The main progression has been improving production levels, and that all comes down to budget. It used to be 4 walls, 2 par cans and 4 speakers! Now we put a lot of time, effort and thought into having top production levels.

WSS : Is there an ethos behind you doing the parties, what influenced you to become Krankbrother ?

KB : We wanted to throw the parties that we wanted to go to. And we’re still doing that.

WSS : Where did the name come from?

KB : We’re brothers. Krank was just a silly afterthought!

WSS : You have used many different spaces – where is your favorite place in London to throw a party?

KB : Our favorite warehouse space is probably Factory 7. It’s well located, good acoustics, raw, industrial – people love it.

WSS : What came first, DJing or the events?

KB : We’d been DJing a good time before we started throwing events. A lot of promoters start promoting as it’s the only way they can get a gig – but we started promoting more because we thought there was room for a better planned, better organized and more creative party outfit in London.

WSS : When not hosting them, where do you like to party?

KB : We’re in clubs ALL THE TIME. So when we’re not hosting parties or DJing we tend to hang out in restaurants like our own, Beagle, or like Trullo, Rochelle Canteen or Mangal.

WSS : What festival are you most exited about in 2013?

KB : Super excited to be involved at Bestival this year. And we are looking at hosting a stage at Secret Garden Party too which will be fun!

WSS : With a wide variety of DJ’s playing at your parties, what goes into programming your guests?

KB : Trying to book the acts that bring the “right” crowd, and trying to book acts that are good value – it’s getting crazy out there in terms of prices for artists!

WSS : You are headlining our Why So Serious party on the 15th March, what can we expect from your performance and is there a difference when playing for other promoters such as WSS?

KB : It’s a peak time slot so we’ll be playing peak time party music! Nothing boring and ketty like a lot of DJs seem to play right now.

WSS : You put a lot of focus into making sure sound, lighting and everything else is of a high quality, regardless of the location, does it ever become difficult when using an unusual location for a party?

KB : Yes, it’s our biggest challenge. But we’ve got an awesome team of people that work our shows, and bring spaces to their maximum capability in terms or production levels.

WSS : What do you think of the London clubbing / party scene today? compared to 10 years ago? especially in east London.

KB : There’s hardly any clubs. That’s the major difference – I miss The End, The Cross, Turnmills, Velvet Rooms. There are some decent promoters but there is a serious lack of decent venues, and it keeps me up at night worrying!

WSS : Where do you see your party taking place in the future?

KB : All over the place hopefully – not in one place.

WSS : You guys always have great taste in music when it comes to your parties and your sets, what are you listening to most at the moment?

KB : Why thank you! We are listening to Andrew Weatherall (always), Daphni, John Talabot, El Txef A, Kruse & Nuerberg. Loads more.

WSS : Whats your favorite thing to listen to other than dance music?

KB : Soul, Funk, Psyche Rock, Garage Rock, Rockabilly, loads more.

WSS : What parties have guys got coming up, what have we got to look forward too in 2013?

KB : I little one in April, a big outdoor one in May, a big outdoor one in June – and loads more this summer!



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