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Why So Serious Lightbox London Finale


After 2 years of sellout parties at Lightbox, Why so serious are going into hibernation and will be back re-branded in 2014 with big plans in the pipeline.

So for their final show, they have booked one of Germany’s most exciting producers over the past couple of years TAPESH.
Brought up in his father’s clubs during the early 80s, where he had no choice but to listen to things like Kraftwerk and proper funk music.
Having finally broken through into the public conscious thanks to productions on labels like Get Physical, OFF Noir and Defected, Tapesh has become very much in demand around the world, taking his flamboyant DJ sets to clubs like Cocoon in Frankfurt, Warung in Brazil and Studio 80 in the Netherlands.With multi-cultural roots informed by everything from house to breakdance across scenes in UK, US and Europe, Tapesh has fomented a very unique DJ style that takes in plenty of sounds and knits them together into one grater whole. Loco Dice, Jamie Jones, DJ T and Anja Schneider, for example, are all fans of that special ‘Tapesh feeling’, and that same feeling is what makes the man’s music so well loved.

To add to this, some fantastic support comes from WSS favourites Eli & Fur following the release of their hughely successful ‘Illusions EP’
And a lightbox debut for new act FELON who have been getting lots of hype over their latest track on Fat records ‘ISLA’
Here at AD, we are big fans of the WSS parties and have attended many. We are sad to see the brand go into hibernation however, we are VERY exited to see what the WSS team move onto next. We are sure there are many great parties in the pipeline for 2014!
The show goes on Friday 8th November at Lightbox London, there are still a few tickets up for grabs so make sure you head over to the ticket link below. It will no doubt be a huge party celebrating all of the good memories the WSS team have brought us!


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